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Product Groups

TFT-LCD Modules

HighnessMicro possesses utmost engineering capabilities in design, develop & integrate standard and customized TFT-LCD Modules

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Display Controller Board

Our Display Controller boards are robust & scaleable. They are easy to integrate with existing or new hardware designs

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Electroluminescent Displays

Solid-State & Inorganic- most ruggedized form of Displays with self-emitting backlight offering extremely wide Op. Temp. & viewing angle.

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Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD)

Available to display Character & Graphical images, this display is based on principles of cathode-luminescence

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Touch Screens

#HighnessMicro offers Analog & Digital touch screens for commercial & rugged application as overlays or integrated with displays.

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Display-Enhancement solutions

Most displays need enhancements for ruggedization & meeting superior specifications

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Cable Assembly & Harness

With in-house production expertise Highness offers superior quality Signal & Power Cables with their Assembly & Harness

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Backlight Drivers & Inverters

Our Backlight Drivers are extremely energy efficient & power-saving. PWM or Manual Dimming controls are available optionally

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Market-specific Solutions

Hospital operating room with monitors and equipment

Complete Imaging solutions for Surgical application

Highness offers imaging product such as Medical grade Surgical Monitors that integrates well with all surgical cameras.

⊕ Small-sized Cost-Effective Monitors for ENT, Urology, Bronchoscopy etc.
⊕ 21″, 24″, 27″ Surgical Monitor for Laparoscopy, Gastroscopy, Endoscopy & more.
⊕ 32″, 42″, 55″ sizes for Digital OR, Study & Consultation
⊕ Crisp & Superior Imaging experience with 4K Monitors in 27″, 32″, 43″ & 55″
⊕ Highness’ flagship Surgical Monitors with BUILT-IN RECORDER that supports single or dual camera inputs simultaneously. It DISPLAYS, RECORDS & LOOP-OUT for slave/passive monitor…all at the same time.
⊕ Wall-Flushed Touch-Screen integrated Open-Frame Monitors for Digital OR offers CONNECTIVITY, NAVIGATION, RECORDING & CONTROL features

Apprentice inputting data into CNC metal press in steel fabrication factory

Energy-Efficient & Smart-Displays on the move

Whether Trains & Metros or Electronic Vehicles (EV), Highness’ Smart-Displays are not only energy efficient but also rugged for use in train coaches as well as driver cabins in locomotives 

⊗ Approved & Technically Qualified Displays for Passenger Information Systems (PIS / PAPIS) & Micro-controller Switch Board Cabinets (MSSBC)
⊗ Stretched & Bar type Displays for Dynamic Route Maps (DRM)
⊗ Gate Displays for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)
Display Controllers with Data streaming options on secured Ethernet or Wi-Fi Network, supporting Real Time Steaming Protocol (RTSP) or other similar communication options
⊗ Energy Efficient Displays for Electronic Vehicles (EV)
Transparent Electroluminescent Displays (TASEL) for Automotive Windshields

Apprentice inputting data into CNC metal press in steel fabrication factory

Industrial grade Displays that facilitate Factory Automation

⊗ Industrial Touch Screen Monitors for Navigational Controls & HMIs
⊗ Mechanized Touch Screens for Oily & Gloved fingers
Panel-Mount, Open-Frame & Displays with Industrial grade enclosures
High-Brightness for Outdoor usage
Wide Operating Temperature up to +80oC
Retrofit Displays that replaces old CRTs & integrates well with old legacy systems & age-old signal/interfaces such as CGA, EGA etc

Armoured Vehicle

Ruggedized Displays for Challenging Environmental conditions

Our ruggedization technique enables commercial & standard displays to adapt to extreme climatic conditions. These displays withstand harsh environment offering-

Ultra-High Brightness for Sunlight & Outdoor visibility
⊗ Up to 9H Surface Hardness
⊗ Wide Operating Temperature from -40 to +80o C
⊗ Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective & Anti-Smudge surface treatment
Optically-Bonded surface glass or touch screen
⊗ Shielding against Electromagnetic Interference
⊗ Night Vision / NVIS compatibility

Equipment in outside broadcasting van.

Large-sized Video-walls & Multi-Format Monitors for broadcasting

Large size Video-wall displays for indoor / outdoor application-

46” or 55” TFT-LCD Modules arranged in 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5
or other similar arrangements
3.9 mm combined bezel-gap (1.9 mm individual bezel-gap)
Daisy-Chain display sequence
High Brightness for Sunlight & Outdoor visibility
Optional Multi-point touch screen for interactivity
PIP Function

Multi-Format supported Broadcasting Monitors

Multi-Format Analogue / Digital Signal support
HDMI input (HDCP Decryption)
Accurate Color Reproduction
Color Calibration
Built-in Waveform & Vectorscope

#VocalForLocal #MakeInIndia

In-Depth knowledge of Digital-Imaging & two decades of Market-Experience. #HighnessMicro believes in reducing overseas dependencies & localized manufacturing.


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“Monitor is excellent, as per my requirements and also at a cost affordable with you compare with other brands. Thanks to Team Highness.”

Dr. Vipin Gupta

Sarvodaya Hospital Research Centre, Faridabad

“The Monitor is working fine and picture quality is quite good.”

Debottam Maity

Biomedical Engineer, HCG EKO Cancer Centre, Kolkata

“Some innovative, cost-effective but excellent vision was observed in India made Medical Monitors by Highness. My best wishes for your future endeavours.”

Dr. Rohit Dandawate

Lap. Surgeon, Dandawate Hospital, Mumbai

“The monitor works very well and it is really at par with Sony Monitor which I have used side by side with your monitor while doing surgery. Keep up the good work and continue making good products.”

Dr. Prateesh Agrawal

Consulting Surgeon, Dr. M. C. Agrawal Hospital, Firozabad