Mission Statement



Highness Microelectronics Pvt. Ltd. (“HighnessMicro”) is a Digital-Imaging solutions provider. It specializes in Imaging products for various industry verticals. With over 20+ years of experience it brings advanced and integrated imaging technologies to counter various challenging specifications.

Whether it is Imaging products for Medical & Healthcare, Industrial Automation or Surveillance & Defence, HighnessMicro believes in applying simple concepts and solutions to answer even the most complex engineering questions. Which is why, HighnessMicro believes in making lives better with its products and services.

HighnessMicro is committed to offer most technically advanced product that exceeds customer expectations.
Our strong belief lies in-

>> Better and improved LEADERSHIP to drive team-building and synergies.
>> Continued TRAINING to support never-ending learning and enriching technical know-how.
>> Improved COORDINATION to provide better functionality and healthy work-environment.
>> Moral RESPONSIBILITIES towards societal well-being.
>> Increased effort in Product RESEARCH and new technologies.
>> Enriching IN-HOUSE development and production capabilities to reduce dependencies.
>> Support for VISION and INSIGHT in product development.
>> Produce & Manufacture TECHNICALLY SOUND product at COMMERCIALLY VIABLE cost.
>> Reduced production lead time to meet CHALLENGING TIMELINES.
>> Minimal production defect and BETTER WORKMANSHIP.
>> Fast & Meaningful RESPONSIVENESS to customer demands.
>> Honour customer CONFIDENTIALITY clause and agreements.
>> Protect customer PRIVACY and stop data misuse.
>> Adherence to ISO-9000 and ISO-14000 to keen-up with better QUALITY STANDARDS and safe environmental practice.
>> COMPLIANCE with E-Waste Management program to restrict environmental harm.
>> Healthy competition and FAIR BUSINESS practices.