Demo Agreement / Request Form

Demo Request Form

    Terms & Agreement of Demo:

    Please read the Terms and Conditions below carefully. If you are unwilling or unable to accept these terms, it is your obligation to bring it to the immediate attention of HIGHNESS MICROELECTRONICS PVT. LTD., here after referred as Highness.

    1. The equipment listed above is being loaned to you for the purpose of demonstration on temporary basis. It does not become your property and you may not pledge to loan, sell, or otherwise part with possession of the equipment. You may not ship or travel with the equipment except as expressly stated or approved by Highness.

    2. You are solely responsible for any loss or damage occurring to the equipment and packaging during the loan and until the equipment is acknowledged as received back at the premises of Highness.

    3. The equipment will be shipped to the Borrower at the expense of Highness. The Borrower agrees and will return ship the equipment at his expense.

    4. A photo evidence may be provided before the shipment by print or email certifying the original state of the equipment. The same photo will stand as testimony to ensure the equipment has been returned back in original state.

    5. Failure to return the equipment and all its packaging, complete and in the same good order as originally received, and on its required return date, constitutes and confirms your agreement to purchase the equipment at the value ascertained and intimated to you by us; and an invoice will be issued accordingly. You, the Borrower, agree that this Loan Agreement will act as a substitute Purchase Order from your Company or Business. Transportation costs will be added as applicable. However an extension of loaning period of the equipment can be considered if Borrower requests so in writing and the same will be solely at the discretion of Highness.

    6. Any alterations, additions, deletions, or extensions to this Loan Agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

    7. Upon successfully submitting this form, an acknowledgement will be sent by email. The acknowledgement email will include the loaning period, ascertained value of the loaned product and an agreement number. The information mentioned in the acknowledgement email will form part of this agreement.