Core Competencies



Core Competencies

Industrial Automation
The most basic display manufactured by #HighnessMicro are industrial-grade suitable for use in Industrial Automation application such Textile Spinning, Weaving and Embroidery Machines, Automobile Manufacturing, Power Generation, Injection-Moulding, Process-Flow and Control etc. These displays suit industrial standards with regards to their specifications and pricing structure.

Medical & Healthcare
#HighnessMicro is a pioneer in India for Medical-grade Surgical Monitors in India by being the only company to manufacture these monitors locally. We are committed to providing cost-effective healthcare solution for Indian market. This has become possible by our continued R&D efforts, in-house technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities. Furthermore, local manufacturing also means localized after sales support and customized product range to meet specific needs of each customer.

Our Color Correction Techniques (CCT), Color Calibration systems and other advanced imaging system ensures these monitors offer a superior imaging experience to doctors and surgeons when it matters the most.

#HighnessMicro together with Indian Railways and various MRT/Metro/Subway systems has developed products suitable for Indian conditions such as Displays and Controllers for heavy vibration, extremely harsh operating temperature and rainy conditions etc. Some of the retrofit products has helped Railway systems to reduce overall revamp costs and scale up to new display products within the existing design. Over several years, our flagship products has been Displays for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), Driver Display Units (DDU), Passenger Information Systems (PIS), Passenger Announcement & Passenger Information Systems (PAPIS), Route Finder, Locomotive Navigation System, Synchronization System for Driverless Trains etc.

Our products for Transportation industry include Displays for – EV Charging Stations, – Handheld / GPS Communication devices, – Large Displays for Map application, – Ticket Vending machines, – Automobile Clusters etc.

#HighnessMicro possesses in-house capabilities to integrate and offer automotive grade displays and displays that are suitable for use in-flight Infotainment systems.

Our ruggedized controller offer fast data processing and connectivity with mainframe/servers and cloud-based online platforms. These integrated controllers offer signals to drive displays and network connectivity at the same time implying to a smarter design by using lesser components and boards.

Surveillance & Defence
#HighnessMicro has worked on several projects that require functioning in extremely challenging environmental conditions such as -40 to +85 degrees Celsius. #HighnessMicro has successfully deployed displays for mission-critical projects. Our engineering capabilities for this vertical include ruggedizing displays and related electronics for harsh climatic conditions. Some of these ruggedization services include- Electromagnetic Interference  (EMI) Shielding, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Shielding, High Brightness backlight for outdoor and ambient sunlight visibility, Transparent Thermal Heaters for wide operating temperature, Surface Coating for Anti-Reflective, Anti-Glare, Anti-Fingerprint and Chemically toughening (up to 7H) and Night Vision Compatible backlighting etc. Our display products have qualified under MIL-STD-461E and MIL-STD-461F as well as other standards such as JSS 55555, IEC 60529 etc.

#HighnessMicro also has indigenous manufacturing capabilities of Cables & Harness that qualify for use in defence sector. Our world class automatic and semi-automatic machines give us competitive edge over others and expert design team make faster sampling and short lead time possible.

Broadcasting & Media
#HighnessMicro offer Large size displays for public information and interactivity for indoor and outdoor usage. These displays are design to withstand public-usage abuse as well as outdoor climatic conditions. Some of the large size displays in size range of 55” – 82” meant for outdoor usage with 2,500 cd/m2 brightness suit India’s on-going Smart-City projects and Railway station platform modernization activities.

Our Large size Videowall is a completely indigenously developed product that offer far more competitive price advantage than others available in similar product class. Our 46” and 55” active matrix displays that can be used in tiled format of 2×2, 3×3 or similar to form large size videowalls are designed with robust and scalable technology that provide ultimate imaging experience for Broadcasting centres, Media houses, Experience centres and advertising & digital-signage systems.