Transparent Displays for Windshield & Windows

Lumineq transparent display_bus HUD
LUMINEQ video for automotive applications1397

Transparent In-Glass Displays are customizable displays that can be laminated inside Windshield or Windows to show simple or critical information. These displays with typical thickness of 0.7mm are easy to laminate inside substrate. Available in pre-defined segments or matrix, they are capable of showing logos & animated speedometers etc. High-Bright Yellow color allows outdoor visibility and when switched-off the original glass becomes fully transparent. This feature of high transparency makes it best suited for HUD displays & showing other critical information such as ‘Battery Charging’ status & ‘Remaining Battery percentage’ / ‘Kms to Empty’ status in Electronic Vehicles.

Transparent FPC allows the electronics of the display to be placed elsewhere without any change in existing design. Available electronics with CAN Bus interface makes it simple to integrate with the existing controller/host computer of the vehicle.

360o Viewing Angle, Option to Embed Touch Screen, Crystal Clear Transparency,
Long lifetime and Reliability are some of the key features.


Please detailed technical specifications, please visit our In-Glass Displays section under EL-Displays.
Lamination Introductory Packages (LIP) in various sizes and shapes are available for conceptulization, prototyping & trails.
Please contact us for further discussions about customization & design related discussions.