Trains & Metros

HighnessMicro has developed products suitable for harsh conditions such as Displays and Controllers for heavy vibration, extremely harsh operating temperature and rainy conditions etc. Some of the retrofit products has helped Railway systems to reduce overall revamp costs and scale up to new display products within the existing design. Over several years, our flagship products has been Displays for Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), Driver Display Units (DDU), Passenger Information Systems (PIS), Passenger Announcement & Passenger Information Systems (PAPIS), Route Finder, Locomotive Navigation System, Synchronization System for Driverless Trains etc.

Displays that withstand high vibration & suitable for use in moving trains. These Displays show realtime and critical information that can be streamed on Ethernet or Wi-Fi

Dynamic Route Map

Stretched / Bar type Displays that are used for displaying Train’s Route Map. Dynamic information about the moving status of the train / metro can be streamed over secured network.

Automatic Fare Collection

Cost-effective & optionally integrated with touch-screen, these displays can easily be integrated with new or legacy systems.

Driver Display Unit

These displays allow replacement of age-old driver cabin controls and integrate all on a single display unit allowing better control & functionality. Optically-bonded & touch screen integrated displays makes rugged usage possible.

Station and Outdoor Displays

Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)
High Brightness & IP-rated enclosed: Medium & Large size Displays for Outdoor & Station usage that show train/metro information

Embedded Board

Robust & Scale-able design, our Display-Controllers offer interface connectivity to displays. Built-in features allow streaming of data on secured Ethernet / Wi-Fi through RTSP or similar protocol.