Military Grade Displays: Rugged Displays for successful Military Missions

Military Grade Displays: Rugged Displays for successful Military Missions

Processing and displaying information quickly is vital to the success of any military mission. A critical part of this process is the reliable display of information, whether on land, in the air, or at sea.

The lives of military personnel depend on the reliability of systems and equipment they use during an operation. Therefore their electronic equipment must be of the highest quality and toughness. Rugged military grade LCD displays are engineered to withstand rough terrain, atmospheric changes, extreme ambient conditions and harsh weather.

Typical features of a Rugged Military Display

Although there is a large range of options for military grade displays, there are certain distinctive features that classify them as rugged and able to withstand extreme conditions and operations:

>> Designed, tested and approved by military personnel to their standards in the field.
>> Resistant to vibration, shock, concussion, fluids, shattering and cracking.
>> Highest image quality.
>> Wide viewing angle.
>> High contrast performance in both light and dark ambient conditions.
>> High brightness.
>> Crisp, clear images with deep blacks and excellent color definition.
>> Electromagnetic interference protection.
>> Stability under extreme temperature and weather conditions.
>> High reliability, aiming for fail-safe operation.

Depending on the Military application, display enhancement solutions are offered to customize any rugged display. These solutions include but are not limited to:

>> Sunlight readability for environments with harsh light conditions.
>> Full dimming capability of LED backlighting for nighttime operation.
>> Remains operative in 100% humidity with attendant condensation.
>> Compatible with night vision technology, including when wearing night vision goggles.
>> Effective sealing for submersible operation.
>> Quick display response with negligible motion blur.
>> Wide color range with high purity color representation.
>> Integrated touch screens.
>> Accurate black reproduction.

Mounting of Military LCD Monitors

Rugged military displays are designed and built for a typical life cycle of between 12 and 15 years. Consideration must also be made for mounting configuration. Standalone units can be wall or desk mounted, while others need to be mounted on a console.

Panel mount displays are normally specified for multi-function consoles for combat systems, control stations, machinery control systems, as well ground control and airborne command stations.

Displays mounted on military vehicles used for rough terrain and field operations in harsh conditions require enhanced shock and vibration safeguards.

In submersible crafts, displays need to have long-term vibration resilience.

Using Rugged Displays in Military Applications

Military Displays are used in a variety of tactical applications:

>> Navigation
>> Fire control
>> Global positioning
>> Inter-unit communications
>> Ballistic missile tracking
>> Targeting

With such a wide array of features required and options available, and with such exacting standards needed, the design of Rugged LCD displays for military use is a domain for specialized engineering consultants. The considerations go far beyond the standard civilian products. Precise Digital Imaging specialists work extremely hard to produce innovative products that are not only rugged but also could help save lives and improve the chances of mission success. Military service personnel deserve the best and most reliable equipment to give them the advantage in any operation.

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