The Importance of Medical Grade Monitors for Healthcare advances

The Importance of Medical Grade Display Monitors for Healthcare Advances

Surgical Display

Surgical displays are used most frequently in endoscopy, laparoscopy and gastroscopy, but are not limited to these.

Hospitals and Surgeons have realized the many benefits of minimally invasive surgery. The main advantages for the patient are shorter operating times, less scarring, less post-operative pain, faster recuperation and shorter hospital stays. With shorter operating times, operating rooms are also much more productive and cost-effective. Hospitals are more efficient and even profitable when post-operative care is shorter, leading to higher bed occupancy rates.

Of course, minimally invasive surgery is only made possible through the use of state-of-the-art technology whereby Medical Grade monitors are used to display images of procedures and patients’ bodies. It is critical that surgical displays have high brightness, high contrast and full HD resolution to give the surgeon accurate imaging and depth perception.

Surgical monitors for operating rooms need a wide viewing angle, typically close to 180°. It is vital for the entire medical team, who may be spread out or may move around, to have a consistently excellent, sharp view of the image.

Cath-Lab and C-Arm Display

A cath-lab equipped with advanced imaging technology has the flexibility to support a wide range of cardio-vascular procedures. It also enables medical staff to treat complex cases like high-risk patients and others with structural heart disease. The importance of clear, precise and reliable display monitors in these situations cannot be underestimated.

Our range of Medical Grade monitors is medically approved for the cath-labs and c-arms. Their high luminance, high contrast and high resolution ensure they are also suitable for multi-modality applications.

They can be put on Cath-Labs and C-Arms and are suitable for application in cardiology, radiology and fluoroscopy.

Just as importantly, old and outdated equipment can be retro-fitted to accommodate newer and more advanced displays.

Large Medical Display

Large Medical Grade displays are very handy when you have to accommodate a larger audience. They are particularly helpful for group studies, training, consultation and conferencing. Of course, they can be used in operating rooms for training and consultation.

These monitors can be mounted on a wall, desktop or cart. They have high resolution and contrast ratio that allows for easy viewing and more definition of detail. The screens have a wide viewing angle to accommodate a large audience.

Open Frame LCD Kits

Flat panel, open frame LCD kits are ideally suited for development and integration purposes. One of the outstanding features of this range of Medical Grade monitors is the large number of shades on the grayscale. This facilitates much improved visibility in this field where precision and detail are everything.

Portable and handheld monitoring and diagnostic devices use open frame LCD kits. The monitors are designed with a wide viewing angle.

When it comes to medicine and the wellbeing of patients, it is essential to get the best in Medical Grade display monitors. Their benefits enable Healthcare advances that save and help millions of lives every year.

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