Rugged Surveillance & Defense Displays that can really take some punishment

Rugged Surveillance & Defense Displays that can really take some punishment

Is there any sterner or tougher test of electronics than military use? Every defense force, large or small, wants the peace of mind knowing they are able to protect themselves to the best of their ability if the need arises.

Rugged Surveillance and Defense Displays have design features and benefits that ensure monitors perform optimally under all sorts of extreme conditions. The unfailing performance of these displays is critical to the success of any mission. The lives of military personnel and also civilians depend on it.

Rugged Conditions

LCD displays for Surveillance and Defense need to be designed to withstand extremely harsh and diverse environments. A number of factors must be taken into consideration at the design stage which may include conditions like:

  • Shock and Impact
  • Vibration
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Humidity
  • Dust, sand and dirt
  • Rain
  • Altitude
  • Explosion concussion.

For some countries, military forces may be deployed at various places around the world. Military grade displays need to be designed for reliability, durability and optimal performance under all conditions.

Design of Rugged Displays

Surveillance and Defense Display systems are designed to provide reliable solutions for a wide variety of naval, aeronautical and land-based military applications. Displays may use customized off-the-shelf components (COTS) but their performance must be extended to meet the required military standard for application in hostile environments. Design engineers carry out this process to include:

  • stabilizing components that may be susceptible to damage from shock and vibration, as well as temperature variations
  • increasing air flow to hot components.
  • improving the heat transfer mechanisms to extend the thermal limits of COTS motherboards.

Equipment is rigorously tested at every stage of the production process to ensure compliance with military standards.

The Benefit of using Specialist Electronic Engineers

A regular electronic engineering company that focuses mostly on civilian consumer use may not be capable of managing a military project. A company, with its experience in Digital Imaging technology, particularly Flat-Panel LCD Displays, must be able to manage a project from design to installation in order to provide a turnkey military standard solution.

  • Highly qualified and specialized engineers are required. They must consult with the client to determine specific requirements. They will ensure that all bases are covered to design a customized Rugged Display system.
  • Hardware and Software operability. Not only must the surveillance devices withstand punishment, they must also communicate perfectly with satellites, internal military systems and also civilian networks. Technology changes rapidly, so equipment must be able to keep up with cutting edge advancements.
  • Packaged solutions. You need everything ready to go without having to acquire extra accessories. Included and ready to use cables, backlight inverters and drivers, display controller boards, touch screens and enclosures should all be available from the same company.
  • Feedback and display enhancements. Night vision… electro-magnetic interference (EMI)… harsh sunlight conditions and angles… You need unique solutions to meet your requirements for operations in extreme, rugged conditions. The engineering team must listen to operators and their experiences in the field to continue providing enhancements and adjustments.

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