Medical-Grade Dental Displays: See More Clearly with Precise Digital Imaging

Medical-Grade Dental Displays: See More Clearly with Precise Digital Imaging

Dentists all over the world know that the latest digital technology in Dental Displays improves their service. New LCDs for Dentistry applications can facilitate significantly better patient care, help to improve patient education, allow patients to relax and participate more, and of course provide the most precise Digital Imaging.

Features and Benefits of LCD Dental Displays

Medical-Grade Displays are not the same as consumer monitors. For all medical applications, including dental procedures, they have significant advantages:

>> High brightness and High contrast characteristics, along with better black uniformity combined with grayscale precision. These features enable more accurate diagnoses and clearer demonstration and communication with patients.
>> Wider viewing angle.
>> Screens are made of special glass that protects the units from splash, dust, chemicals or any other contaminants.
>> Screens are treated to be anti-reflective and scratch resistant.
>> Displays are manufactured to comply with international standards regarding medical safety and harmful emissions.
>> Displays are compatible with the use of intra-oral cameras.

Arms for LCD Dental Displays

A regular flat screen monitor on a countertop or the ceiling makes interaction with the viewer static. Mounting a Dental LCD on a flexible arm has the following benefits for the dentist:

>> The placement of the monitor can be customized to suit the needs and preferences of the dentist.
>> The monitor is light and has a handle that enables easy one-handed manoeuvring.
>> Information is at the dentist’s fingertips, which results in time savings and increased patient throughput.
>> Ergonomics of the workstation are improved, reducing neck strain and assisting overall work posture.
>> Mounting arms can be folded and pushed out of the way when not in use.

The arms are built with swivel joints to allow greater rotation and flexibility. They can be attached to walls and poles or even bolted to tables and desks.

Positioning the display in a patient’s line of view can have benefits, also.

>> It can serve as a distraction during procedures, thereby reducing a patient’s anxiety.
>> It can be educational for explaining X-rays and procedures.
>> Patients can see in detail what is going on with the state of their dental health and thus feel more actively involved in their care.

The Role Played by Specialized Electronic Design

Many people fear a visit to the dentist and need help sometimes to feel more at ease. It makes good business sense to create a friendlier environment in your practice. Some dentists have reported that a “high tech” surgery has made some patients look forward to the experience.

Medical-Grade Displays can interact with patients in dental procedures and make them feel part of the process. There is no question this has a calming effect. It is also easier for educating about the necessity of certain procedures when patients can see all the details.

A wall-mounted LCD can even be placed in the reception area, either for entertainment or dental education, or both.

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