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In this increasingly visual world, still images in advertising are fast being replaced by Digital Displays capable of getting the best return on occupied space. Electronic Displays are able to capture people’s attention like never before as the revolving movement of the display’s content sparks curiosity in them. The non-still images and text, videos, bright colors, interactive experience and more – it all motivates potential customers to want to know what is being displayed on the digital screen.

Highness’s Advertising & Signage Solutions

#HighnessMicro offers a wide range of displays used for Digital-Signage and outdoor advertising. All our displays are customizable and scalable to meet the ever growing needs of this Industry. Our Network controlled displays are best suited for today’s need-based advertising market; wherein all content management can be done remotely.

LED & LCD Video walls for indoor and outdoor applications are fast becoming part of our daily lives. #HighnessMicro offers best in class video walls to meet large-video screen requirements for stage-shows and out-of-home (OOH) media.

Whether you are looking to increase your company’s revenue, reduce your advertising costs, and engage more customers in an interactive way – Digital Displays are your solution.

Digital Displays can maximize the return on occupied space by drawing potential customers’ attention to specific products, promotions, and any other relevant content – at specific times and in a precise location.

Electronic Displays tend to be located in high-traffic areas where the exposure to your target audience is greater. These areas include but are not limited to: shopping malls, sports arenas, bus or subway stations, grocery stores, banks and major highways.

Advertising & Signage Displays deliver an interactive experience to customers in a way still-images have never been able to. Whether you are interested in using one screen, a video wall, a billboard, or any other digital signage – #HighnessMicro can help you find the right one for your specific needs.

Application-Specific Displays

>> LCD Video Wall: Thin-Bezel Digital-Information-Displays (DID) with HD-Resolution offer crisp imaging. While off-board electronics make installation easy and quick; built-in content management software give all the freedom you need to control your video wall.

DID can be arranged in matrix formats like 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and similar to build an LCD Video Wall. Unlike LEDs , these video walls are HD Ready (1366×768) or Full HD (1920×1080) for High-Resolution content.

>> LED Video Wall: We offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor LED Video walls, with user-friendly Content Management Software and smartly designed LED blocks, to provide cost-effective signage solutions.

Indoor and outdoor LED Video Walls also offer a Live Viewing experience. Their modular design allows for fast and easy installation. These Energy saving LED Video Wall Displays are quickly replacing all other conventional forms of signage.

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